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Glow in the Dark Area 51 Alien Magnetic Bottle Opener

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Wood Species

Our bottle openers are hand crafted and designed with convenience in mind. The opener can be mounted to any magnetic surface in your home. Two industrial magnets provide over 30 pounds of pull to keep the opener in place so you can open a beverage right on your fridge or tool box, and the magnets will catch the cap! Minimize the mess and show off some personality in your home. 

Note: Glow in the dark openers are charged by UV light, like sunlight or a blacklight. For best results ensure the opener is placed somewhere it will receive UV light.


Wood, magnets, cast iron, food safe epoxy



8 1/8 long

3 inches wide

11/16 deep

Care information

Very little maintenance required, just be mindful that the epoxy can scratch.

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